Chilli & Lemon Pepper Tuna Skewers

Yellowfin Tuna is an excellent source of protein. Tuna has a medium to mild flavour with a very firm texture. Its flesh is deep red when raw, and is often used for sashimi. When cooking Tuna it's best not to cook well-done as it loses its flavour and can become quite like cardboard. The deep red colour of the tuna lightens upon cooking. We cut our tuna into thick pieces and recommend cooking it medium-rare so that you have a creamy white colour on the outside and deep red colour towards the centre. With approximately 40g of protein per 170g portion - Tuna is great for those wanting a meat substitute. 

These skewers are marinated in olive oil, chilli, lemon, pepper and lemongrass and are ready to be cooked.

Australian Fish |

| Approx. 4 cubes of tuna per skewer |

Information about your Chilli & Lemon Pepper Tuna Skewers:

  • skin off
  • skewered
  • marinated in olive oil, chilli, lemon & pepper

You pay $3.99 each
You pay $3.59 each (for 100)
You pay $3.45 each (for 500)