Green Prawn Skewers

Banana Prawns are a light, sweet flavoured prawn. King & Tiger Prawns are a moist, medium-firm flesh prawn, rich in flavour. All prawns are perfect under the grill, on the pan or sizzled on the barbecue. 

We have skewered these prawns and they are ready to be thrown onto the BBQ. 

Australian Prawn |

| Approx. 1.5 king/tiger prawns per skewer |

Information about your Green Prawn Skewers:

  • peeled
  • head-off
  • skewered
  • tail-on

You pay $3.99 each
You pay $3.59 each (for 100)
You pay $3.45 each (for 500)

Please check out or Specialty Seafood Collection for our marinated skewer range.