Herb & Garlic Prawn Skewers

Banana Prawns are a light, sweet flavoured prawn. King & Tiger Prawns are a moist, medium-firm flesh prawn, rich in flavour. All prawns are perfect under the grill, on the pan or sizzled on the barbecue. 

The skewers are marinated in herb & garlic and are ready to be cooked.

Australian Prawn |

| Approx. 1.5 king/tiger prawns per skewer |

Information about your Herb & Garlic Green Prawn Skewers:

  • peeled
  • head-off
  • skewered
  • tail-on
  • marinated in herb & garlic

Want to marinate the skewers yourself? Check out our un-marinated Green Prawn Skewers and create your own masterpiece. 

You pay $3.99 each
You pay$3.59 each (for 100)
You pay$3.45 each (for 500)