Marinated Baby Octopus

Baby Octopus can be cooked a variety of different ways including deep fried, pan fried, baked, braised, grilled, barbecued or smoked. The most important thing to remember is to either cook it very quickly over high heat, or very slowly over low heat. 

Cooked Marinated Baby Octopus makes a good addition to salads and antipasto platters. 

Our tip: Take our Marinated Baby Octopus and throw it on the pan or BBQ for a few minutes until crispy. Add some lemon and parsley and you've got yourself a great dish! 

| Approx. 40-50 marinated baby occy per kilo |

Information about your Marinated Baby Octopus:

  • cleaned & gutted
  • ink sac removed
  • marinated
  • approx. 30g each octopus
  • you will be supplied on or above your chosen weight (at no extra cost)

Want to marinate the octopus yourself? Check out our un-marinated  Baby Octopus and create your own masterpiece. 

You pay $56.90 per kilo