Spring Onion Salmon Skewers

Salmon has a rich flavour, high oil profile and is a bright orange, meaty fish. Atlantic Salmon has rapidly become one of Australia's most popular fish species. It is high in omega 3 oils and is one of the healthiest meals you can prepare. We should definitely praise Tasmania and their cold waters for this fantastic fish. 

The skewers are marinated in olive oil, shallots, lemon & lemon zest and are ready to be cooked.

Australian Fish |

| Approx. 4 cubes of salmon per skewer |

Information about your Spring Onion Salmon Skewers:

  • skin off
  • skewered
  • marinated in olive oil, shallots & lemon

You pay $3.99 each
You pay $3.59 each (for 100)
You pay $3.45 each (for 500)