Tropical Rock Lobster Tails (Painted Crayfish) COOKED

Tropical Rock Lobsters aren't available all year but can be found at a variety of different places in Australia. These include: Western Australia, New South Wales and the Northern Territory. Tropical Rock Lobsters have a sweet, rich flavour. They have a low oil profile and are a moist, medium-firm fleshed lobster. Like other lobsters, the flesh is translucent when raw and white with orange tinges when cooked. 

These raw lobsters are best steamed, poached, grilled or barbecued. Their firm flesh holds together well during most cooking methods.

Tropical Rock Lobsters go great with butter, cayenne, coconut, cream, dill, French tarragon, garlic, lemon, lime, mustard and white wine (to name a few).

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Information about your Tropical Rock Lobster Tail:

  • Cooked
  • tail in shell
  • the price of your Tropical Rock Lobster Tail is fixed based on a minimum weight of 300g
  • you will not be charged extra if your Tail is above the minimum weight

The price of your Tropical Rock Lobster is $115/kg

You pay $38.95 per Lobster Tail